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  1. The hotel will host its own exhibition along with events with contemporary artists.
  2. At age 16, Kelly Hoppen designed a friend’s kitchen, and that was the start of her London practice.
  3. Perhaps its most visually striking feature is its robotically controlled doors that fold up 90 degrees.
  4. Two extremely rare jewels, one of which was owned by Napoléon’s niece, will headline the sale.
  5. The Shangri-La Hotel, at the Shard, boasts the 2,000-square-foot Shangri-La Suite and tremendous views of the city.
  6. The aircraft is equipped with bedrooms, a dining room, and even a spa and gym.
  7. New designs honor the brand’s 1970s roots with vintage flair.
  8. The Beatles’ legendary producer has put his stamp of approval on the nearly $3,500 custom in-ear monitors.
  9. The German carmaker has made changes to increase the car’s performance and bring greater tech options into the cockpit.