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  1. A spare but sophisticated Montecito home makes a statement.
  2. Clive and Julie Bridgwater reach an inspiring summit for a Southern California family.
  3. Krigler is opening its first West Coast boutique in November, at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles in Beverly Hills.
  4. The 57-year-old French luxury eyewear brand Vuarnet relaunched in the United States in September, bringing its iconic all-weather sunglasses back into the limelight.
  5. The island of Palm Beach, Fla., will welcome foodies from across the country this December for the eighth annual Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival.
  6. A conversation with the jewelry designer and art collector.
  7. Jed Frost founded Frost, a company that creates personalized bags representing customers’ unique passions and experiences.
  8. The Gift A Dolce & Gabbana wardrobe, including three made-to-measure suits, three dress shirts, three neckties, a tuxedo ensemble (including a tuxedo shirt and tie), a dinner jacket, and a...
  9. Kilian Hennessy's signature fragrance, a trip to Paris, and scented necklaces
  10. Dominique Ansel provides a sweet treat.