Alfa Romeo 4C - Best of the Best 2015

Ronald Ahrens

A mid-engine two-seater, the Alfa Romeo 4C has unassisted steering, which translates to precise feel on a twisting road.

This is what a sports car is supposed to be. The Alfa Romeo 4C (alfaromeo​ is raw and rasping, edgy and ambitious. It demands a driver’s full attention in return for a thrilling experience. Because its chassis is constructed of carbon fiber, it weighs just 2,315 pounds, so the 237 hp that is produced by the turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is plenty of output. 

This mid-engine two-seater, which starts at just over $53,900, has unassisted steering, which means heavy going for the driver in a parking lot but translates to precise feel on a twisting road. With little luggage space, scant cockpit storage, and few creature comforts, the 4C recalls the sports cars that captivated the public in the 1950s, after mass-market automobiles had grown bloated and automatic and power-assisted features had removed much of the challenge and satisfaction from driving. Those roadsters and coupes were fun to drive, and they achieved relatively good gas mileage, just as the 4C does with its 34 mpg on highways.