FrontRunners: Special Tea

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The Cavalieri Hilton

(www­, set in a 15-acre park on the Monte Mario, Rome’s

highest hill, is known for its panoramic views of the city. But from September

through May, guests can enjoy a vista bellissima without leaving the lobby.

There, during the Rome

Cavalieri Hilton Tea with Tiepolo, an English tea that takes

place each afternoon, you can view three massive paintings by the 18th-century

Italian artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. The Cavalieri, which completed a $50

million renovation in 2005, houses a wide range of fine art and antiques,

including paintings by Andy Warhol and a crib built for Napoléon’s son,

François-Charles-Joseph (later the Duke of Reichstadt). For guests who succumb

to the influence of Tiepolo’s wrestling study, Hercules and Antaeus, the Cavalieri also offers a Gladiator Training program, in which

experts and students dressed in traditional costume wield authentic weapons

while engaging in ancient combat techniques. Another 18th-century Italian

artist, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, is famous for his works on paper, but he

designed furniture and interior decorations as well. Piranesi as

Designer, which opens at Manhattan’s Cooper-Hewitt

National Design Museum (www­ on September 14 and continues

through January 20, will feature more than 100 of the artist’s etchings,

original drawings, and decorative art objects. Just two of his furnishings, both

five-legged tables with marble tops, still exist, and one will appear here. The

other was deemed too fragile to travel to New York from its current home in


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