Your Chance to Own Guitars from Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and Eddie Van Halen

  • 1966-67 Fender Stratocaster owned and signed by Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  • Eddie Van Halen-Owned 1982 Charvel Van Halen Model
  • 2004 Martin Bellezza Bianca Prototype, Built for Eric Clapton
  • Ibanez George Benson GB15 Team J Craft / George Benson Collection
  • 1900 Joseph Bohmann Jumbo / Lowenstein Collection
  • 1938 Larson Brothers 17" Euphonon Dreadnought

Music mavens will have a unique opportunity to acquire instruments from standout artists at Guernsey’s Guitar Auction on February 27, in New York City. Culled from several private collections, the approximately 300 lots will feature acclaimed axes from Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Richie Sambora, and 20 guitars from celebrated jazz and soul man George Benson.

Available for preview on February 25 and 26, further fretted-finds include a customized Charvel that belonged to Eddie Van Halen; a 1938 Larson Bros. Euphonon Dreadnought given to Bob Dylan from Johnny Cash; 40 guitars from the late jazz great Robert Yelin; and rare acoustic examples crafted by Joseph Bohmann (including mandolins) that date back to 1880. Marquee makers represented at the event comprise Gibson, d’Angelico, Benedetto, and Buscarino among other noted names.

Guernsey’s Guitar Auction will take place at the Bohemian National Hall at 10 am. Bids will be accepted in person and online at and (;;