The sleek amplifier utilizes proprietary circuitry to ensure the cleanest possible sound.
The distinguished audio manufacturer has put big amplifier technology into a small package.
The new amplifier and headphones look good and sound great…
Metaxas Audio was formed in 1981 and has been the reference for many high-end Hi Fi magazines worldwide. Almost 30 years after its first introduction into high-end audio folklore, the newly designed...
The BHK Signature 250 is designed to encourage tube-rolling for audiophiles pursuing the perfect vintage sound.
Old-school audio engineering comes alive with this modern wonder of two-channel music reproduction.
Delivering 300 watts per channel, the high-fidelity dual-mono amp can power just about any speaker pair.
The world’s top hi-fi manufacturers take personal listening to new levels with these small but powerful amps.
Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) has announced the release of its new VK-3000SE integrated amplifier ($7,995).
The audio-engineering dream team at Constellation Audio is at it again.
High-fidelity personal listening is apparently on the rise, as many audiophile-grade equipment manufacturers have launched premium headphones and headphone amplifiers in recent years.
The audio engineers at the venerable McIntosh Laboratory have ventured into new territory for the company: headphone amplification.
In early January, the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) welcomed to Las Vegas more than 150,000 attendees, which the Consumer Electronics Association says beats the attendance record set at the...
Two years ago, when Boulder Amplifiers first delivered its 3050 monoblocks —the manufacturer’s $205,000-per-pair flagship power amps, which were included in Robb Report ’s Best of the Best for 2013—...