Arianne Nardo

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MAD Martian Dining Table by Ma Yansong, 2017 Price: $150,000 Ma Yansong, designer of the forthcoming Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, created this limited-edition table, which is inspired by the notion of a Chinese exploration of a Mars-like planet. “If you flip it upside down, it looks like a mountain,” says gallery cofounder Yu Wang […]

Mercado Moderno

Flama chair by Humberto and Fernando Campana, 1989 Price: On request From Rio de Janeiro, Mercado Moderno will bring a collection of iconic Brazilian seating to Design Miami. Chief among them is the Flama chair, an early unique work by the Campana brothers. It looks forbidding and maybe a bit spindly, but don’t worry—it can […]

Friedman Benda

Crustacea cabinet by Chris Schnack, 2017 Price: $90,000 Chris Schnack is a new addition to the Friedman Benda roster; the gallery will host his first solo exhibition in New York in March 2018. “He investigates the boundary between sculpture and design using a visual language that’s completely his own. You see his work, and you […]

Demisch Danant

F286 Multimo seven-seater sofa by Pierre Paulin, 1969 Price: On request Behold! Not a single straight line shapes the profile of Pierre Paulin’s F286 Multimo seven-seater sofa. “His intention was to make seating that was comfortable and enveloped the body. Most of his seating is curved,” says Suzanne Demisch, cofounder of the gallery, based in […]

Southern Guild

Jepperstown Play Bench by David Krynauw, 2016 Price: $42,000 Krynauw first created the Jepperstown Waiting Bench, which explored and celebrated the bustling nature of the Jepperstown section of downtown Johnannesburg while providing comfort to its commuters and city dwellers. Then he gave his idea a more playful spin. The Jepperstown Play Bench is a limited […]

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