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From the Editors: Urbane Renewal

The majestic hotels that gleam like beacons of refuge amid the bustling boulevards of the world’s metropolises entice the traveler with their picturesque panoramas and storied pasts (see “The Robb Report 100,” page 91); yet few if any of these establishments can claim the same curious distinction as Monaco’s Hôtel de Paris (pictured), whose city […]

From the Editors: Transcontinental Divide

In 1848, when James Marshall discovered gold in California, travelers from the East Coast to San Francisco were essaying a perilous and prolonged undertaking. These pioneers were condemned to choose between the hazards of crossing the continent’s hostile wilderness by stagecoach and the dangers of traversing the fever-infested jungles of the Isthmus of Panama—a journey […]

From the Editors: Printing Money

Those of us who write about topics of interest to affluent readers might find our labors more remunerative—and perhaps, for some, more entertaining—if we turned our literary attentions from such subjects as appear in this month’s “Private Preview 2013” (see page 77) to the members of our audience themselves. This formula certainly proved lucrative for […]

From the Editors: Rocks of Fate

In the lore of famous jewels, these objects of great price are invariably plucked by bandits from the eyes of idols. Such is the case with the 195-carat Black Orlov diamond, which reputedly served as ocular ornamentation for a likeness of the god Brahma. Yet a handful of history’s most alluring gems gained their notoriety […]

From the Editors: Dining, In and Out

Dinner in the impeccably sober brownstones of Old New York, as the author Edith Wharton termed it, was a solemn affair. For these prosperous and proud Dutch and Anglo-Saxon families, the dinner party was a staple of their immutable and stately social routine. These gatherings of Knickerbockers commenced at five or six o’clock in the […]

From the Editors: Fish and Games

If the gentlemen of Gilded Age Newport had as their toys of summer splendid yachts, the latest motorcars, and stables of Thoroughbreds, then their coddled wives had their court jesters—single young men with no occupation other than to relieve these pampered matrons’ ennui during the brief interludes between fêtes champêtres, teas, and balls. Of these […]

From the Editors: Beautiful and Damned

An unshakable desire to possess what divine providence or the dictates of overzealous lawmakers would deny us is a peculiarly American trait—one magnified to the point of frenzy by this nation’s curious social experiment, the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution. In its efforts to suppress the seemingly unwholesome appetites of the general public, this legislation […]

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