Lisa Sweetingham

Above and Beyond

The Gift:  ❄ A donation to Rhinos Without Borders to fund the organization’s capture, transport, and release of two rhinoceroses.  ❄ A 10-day safari visiting and Beyond and Great Plains Conservation lodges in South Africa and Botswana. ❄ Participation in either the capture or the release of the two rhinos. ❄ Starting at $250,000 A half million […]

Journeys: An Uncommon Wealth

Lara Livingston was 22 years old when her father, a New York physician, passed away, leaving her in charge of his beloved La Sardinera, a 1,700-acre grapefruit-and-coconut plantation on three miles of palm-dotted coastline in northern Puerto Rico. It was 1925, and the young Livingston had already earned a reputation as an intrepid spirit, flying […]

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