FrontRunners February 2015: MACHINES & GEAR


Two extraordinary claims can be made about the Gulfstream G650ER ( It has the longest range of any business jet in service—8,631 miles when traveling at 562 mph and carrying eight passengers and four crew members—and when the first example was delivered in November, it arrived about two months earlier than expected. Gulfstream says that the $66.5 million jet can travel nonstop roughly 570 miles farther than the company’s G650, which went into service at the end of 2012. (ER stands for “extended range.”) The G650ER’s additional range comes from the jet’s ability to carry an extra 4,000 pounds of fuel, according to Gulfstream, which will retrofit an owner’s G650 so that it can carry as much fuel as the new model. The work costs $2 million and requires the aircraft to be grounded for two weeks. The company says that delivery positions for the G650ER extend well into 2017.