This Boeing 777 Was Built for Crystal AirCruises Around-the-World Trips

boeing 777 interior

A Boeing 777 with a new custom cabin is preparing to fly Crystal AirCruises ( travelers to luxury vacation spots around the world. The interior, created by Greenpoint Technologies ( of Kirkland, Wash., features a spacious domed lounge with a bar, two mohair-covered divans, four dining tables that together seat 24 people, and climate-controlled wine storage. The cabin in standard configuration carries as many as 380 passengers, but now accommodates just 84.

Boeing 777 with interiors created by Greenpoint Technologies

The seats are upholstered in quilted leather. Each has its own privacy surround and reclines fully to a 73.5-inch-long lie-flat bed. Each seat also has an in-flight entertainment system that includes a 24-inch flat-screen monitor, Wi-Fi connectivity, and USB and power ports. The cabin houses two galleys and four spacious lavatories with gray oak-veneer cabinets, extra-large mirrors, and premium fittings.”

Crystal AirCruises is now booking the 777 for around-the-world itineraries that last from 2 weeks to a month. The first is a 27-day journey that incorporates stays at all 10 Peninsula hotels. It starts August 30 in New York and includes stops in Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, Manila, and Paris. The price is $159,000 per person.

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