Best of the Best 2016: Wheels | SUVs: Bentley Bentayga

Heaven knows it had to happen: Some deprived souls were clamoring for a $230,000 SUV, and Bentley delivered. In typical fashion, Bentley has ladled on the luxury, giving the Bentayga’s interior a herd’s worth of quilted leather, fastidiously handlaid wood veneers, and precious rugs made from the wool of some special species of lamb. This wonderful excess is matched by serious performance—on the road and off. The Bentayga has a top speed of 187 mph, and while it’s difficult to imagine anyone driving it through the Gobi Desert in search of Protoceratops eggs, this vehicle would be up to the task. Think of it as an elevated Continental, and enjoy the ride.  

  • The 6-liter, twin-turbocharged W-12 produces 600 hp and 663 ft lbs of torque at only 1,350 rpm, shooting the Bentayga from a standstill to 60 mph in just 4 seconds.

  • An innovative electronic roll-control system enhances handling by counteracting lateral rolling forces when the SUV is cornering.

  • Optional features include a dash-mounted Breitling self-winding tourbillon.

Bentley Motors, (starting at $229,100)

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