Take a Look at Ferrari’s Last Great Prototype-Sports Category Racecar


Steven Read, a former member of the U.S. Alpine Ski Team, has always compared his 1972 Ferrari 312PB to skis because of its precision. The 312PB, which Read has spent about 20 hours per year driving since taking ownership, has a drivetrain to match the sophisticated simplicity of its body. And its signature Ferrari 12-cylinder whine, that Read likens to the sound of ripping sheets, makes it difficult not to get wrapped up in the resonance.

The last car Ferrari developed specifically for the prototype-sports category of racing (before switching focus to Formula 1), the 312PB won all of the World Sportscar Championship races it entered in 1972. Watch as Read talks about the car’s history and the blissful experience of what it’s like behind the wheel. (petrolicious.com)

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