10 of the Top Ferraris Ever Sold at Auction [SLIDESHOW]


Few automobiles attest to affluence more than those from Ferrari—their alluring exclusivity is only enhanced by the marque’s rich history. And while the Prancing Horse’s latest stable elicits envy and awe, it is the earlier examples from Enzo—favored by famed racers from the Golden Age of motorsports—that have become the most coveted cars in the world.

As the Ferrari IPO’s subsequent stock has now motored into the mainstream of Wall Street trading, RobbReport.com commemorates the occasion with a look back at 10 of the top Ferraris ever sold at public auction—from the auction houses Bonhams, Gooding and Co., and RM Sotheby’s. Like the shares of stock, each of these rare automotive wonders represents a piece of Ferrari’s legacy—but with a much higher return on investment. Here are the 10 cars, starting with the least expensive. (ferrari.com)