Top 10 Cars in Ralph Lauren's Personal Collection


The cars in Ralph Lauren’s collection are among the world’s most precious, but that does not prevent him from taking them out for a spin. In a two-story, 48,000-square-foot building in New York’s Westchester County, the cars in Ralph Lauren’s collection are set on white platforms that match the color of the walls and rise a foot above the black floor. The space is empty except for the cars. They are displayed like works of art in a gallery, but they are not treated so delicately. Indeed, the 74-year-old fashion designer calls the building a garage (D.A.D. Garage, after the names of his three children: David, Andrew, and Dylan)—not a gallery, showroom, or museum—and he is quick to dispel the presumption that the cars’ tires never touch asphalt. “I have a lot of great cars,” Lauren says, “and I bought them all to drive. I didn’t buy them to keep them in a garage and to shine them up.” He continues, “I love cars for their inspiration, for the fun of driving, and for the beauty of collecting something special and rare.”