Eight Elite Green Machines


Though electric and hybrid cars have existed for quite some time now—in fact, the first vehicle Ferdinand Porsche ever created was an electric model—a rise in consumer demand for low- and no-emissions vehicles has finally pushed these eco-friendly options into the spotlight. Recently, the world’s top luxury marques have taken a high-performance approach to fuel efficiency. And while many of these promising luxury green models have ultimately met an untimely end (the Fisker Karma) and others have never made their way stateside (the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive), the U.S. market suffers from no shortage of fuel-efficient luxury vehicles. What follows is a roundup of Robb Report’s favorite green luxury cars—from the likes of BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and others—that are currently on the road and turning heads for more than just their fuel efficiency.