A Look at the Top 12 Lamborghinis of All Time


You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody. —Frank Sinatra

The ultimate dream machine for many, a Lamborghini is one of the most immediate and powerful visual cues conveying material success. Ironically, the brand’s beginning was surprisingly humble, with roots grounded in agriculture. After all, founder Ferruccio Lamborghini—a mechanic during World War II—built what would become his automotive empire from salvaged parts cobbled together as tractors, supplied first to his father and then the local community.

As Feruccio’s finances began to flourish, so too did his collection of Ferrari automobiles. Exasperated over continued issues with the clutch, however, he complained to his pal Enzo and was curtly dismissed. The rebuff resulted in Ferruccio doing what any self-respecting industrialist with disposable income would do—come up with a car company of his own.

To commemorate the fact that Ferruccio (who passed away in 1993) would have turned 100 this year, RobbReport.com presents the top 12 Lamborghinis of all time—models that are milestones for the marque.