These Three Supercar SUV Concepts Are Now Scheduled for Production


We recently shared a list of our top 10 Luxury SUVs—all of which are on the road today or due to be on sale soon. Some of the highly anticipated, newer SUVs on that list—like the Bentley Bentayga and Maserati Levante—are supercars in their own right, delivering massive horsepower, speed, and maneuverability in a class that is more commonly associated with off-roading and family hauling. However, some supercar manufacturers have been much slower to join the fray, keeping their SUV plans shrouded in mystery. Some even have no interest at all in boosting sales with an SUV: Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne is so opposed to the idea, he told financial analysts, “You have to shoot me first.” We’ll keep hoping he changes his mind, but until then, here are three supercar SUV concepts we’re dying to see.