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Show Business

Mary Grady

Meeting the Challenge
Recognizing that an aircraft’s cabin amenities can be as big a selling point as its performance, the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier gave the cabin of its popular super-midsize Challenger 300 a thorough makeover for the new Challenger 350 (514.861.9481, www.businessaircraft.bombardier.com). The 350’s cabin is more than 7 feet wide, and its windows are two inches larger than the 300’s. It features new in-flight entertainment and cabin-management systems, a new modular galley, leather seats, wood finishes, and metal trim.

Fractional-aircraft-share provider NetJets has ordered 75 of the $25.9 million jets and will take delivery of the first ones produced. Bombardier expects deliveries to begin toward the middle of next year. The company will continue to offer the 300, so the new model will expand the Challenger line to four jets.

Two new Honeywell engines boost the Challenger 350’s power by about 15 percent compared to the 300’s. Canted winglets increase the wingspan, helping make the 350 the quickest climber in Bombardier’s fleet; the aircraft takes just 18 minutes to reach a cruise altitude of 41,000 feet. It cruises at speeds as fast as 541 mph and can carry as many as eight passengers for 3,682 miles.


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Photo by Justin Sutcliffe
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