A Traveler's Guide to Business Jets: Heavy Aircraft: Gulfstream IV

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  • Fluto Shinzawa

The Gulfstream IV is perhaps the most sought-after plane for long-distance private flights. Gulfstream began designing the G-IV in 1983, building four production prototypes and completing the first flight in 1985. After 1,412 hours of flight testing, the airplane was certified by the FAA in 1987. Production continued until 1992, when Gulfstream replaced the G-IV with the IV-SP (Special Performance). In 2002, Gulfstream ceased production of the SP and replaced the plane with the $31 million (green) G400.



Typical purchase price: $24.7 million
Maximum cruising speed: 528 mph
Range: 4,856 miles
Passengers: As many as 19, typically 12 to 14
Baggage capacity: 169 cu ft
Cabin Length: 45 feet, 1 inch
Cabin Width: 7 feet, 4 inches
Cabin Height: 6 feet, 2 inches
Ceiling: 45,000 feet
Charter operators: Executive Jet Management, PrivatAir, TAG Aviation,
The Air Group
Fractional provider: NetJets

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