Bellusso for the Passionate Connoisseur

  • 18kt white gold Vintage diamond and black onyx ring
  • Kwiat Vintage 18kt white gold lace necklace
  • Kwiat Vintage 18kt white gold diamond and sapphire earrings
  • Kwiat Vintage 18kt white gold lace earrings
  • Kwiat Vintage 18kt white gold drop earrings
  • Kwiat vintage white and yellow 18kt gold ruby and diamond ring
  • Kwiat Vintage Diamond and sapphire platinum bracelet

    With its enviable first-floor location within the world-renowned Palazzo Resort and Casino, Bellusso has become the requisite destination for any Las Vegas visitor interested in fine timepieces or jewelry. Entry into Bellusso is entry into a world in which even the most knowledgeable connoisseur, upon viewing the boutique’s fabulous collections, will find his pulse elevated with anticipation.

    Created and owned by Ezra Bekhor, Bellusso houses under one roof a collection of brand-specific boutiques that represent the world’s most iconic jewelers and watchmakers. Pedigree, authenticity, and craftsmanship are the common denominators that unite the carefully curated collections that could have been amassed only by the most trained eyes. Bellusso, in fact, provides both a feast for the eyes and the minds of serious collectors.

    Horlogerie is defined in Bellusso’s Haute Boutique— an intimate location providing an environment resembling that of a private club—where guests have the opportunity to pore over the bountiful collections in privacy and comfort, reveling in the fascinating details of tourbillons and minute repeaters. Guests have the opportunity to engage with one of Bellusso’s highly trained staff whose own passion is collecting. Here, too, they can seek expert advice from Store Director Jojo Zanone-Pucci, who reigns as Las Vegas’ grande dame of watch collecting, or consult with Harry Lee, manager of Bellusso’s Haute Boutique.

    What makes the Bellusso collection of boutiques so remarkable? For Lee, it’s all about exclusivity. He says, "Exclusivity is what makes timepiece collecting so exhilarating, and that’s why we carry only the finest pieces from the world’s top watchmakers. These are limited-production pieces that you won’t find in just any store. Some of these pieces you rarely see anywhere else in the United States."

    Zanone-Pucci adds that the boutique is revered for its sales staff. "Our knowledge makes us different," she states. "Without a passionate staff, we could never understand what our clients are looking for and what makes each piece so special and limited. We are here to build relationships with our clients that last a lifetime."

    Visit Bellusso, home to the world’s most iconic watch brands and jewelers:
    Vacheron Constantin
    Kwiat -
    In Celebration of 100 years of Kwiat Tradition, Kwiat presents Kwiat Vintage A collection of modern interpretations of jewelry in the vintage style.
    Each piece is carefully crafted to the highest levels of quality with brilliant Kwiat diamonds. Exquisite gemstones and superior craftsmanship.
    Kwiat 100 years of brilliance

    FOR INFORMATION please call 702.650.2988 or visit

    Store Director: Jojo Zanone-Pucci
    Palazzo • Casino Level
    3325 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Suite 1702
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

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