Close and Connected: Travelers want exotic getaways that keep them in the loop

Time was, in the not-so-distant past, that traveling to an exciting foreign destination from the United States mainland meant setting aside a sizable chunk of time and shutting down all connection with the workaday world. The vagaries of commercial air routes, coupled with the tethers of landlines and pre-Internet communication, meant devoting at least a week to truly getting away and enjoying it. Even then it came with the distinct risk of falling so far behind at the office that it could take until the next vacation to catch up. While many might yearn for those off-the-grid days of yore, savvy travelers seek the best of both worlds. They want away-from-it-all destinations they can reach almost effortlessly without sacrificing connectivity. The perfect 72-hour getaway should deliver an interesting foreign culture, comfy accommodations, memorable cuisine, and the ability to check in via email and social media if you absolutely have to.

While many Caribbean and Central American destinations require multiple stops and the better part of a day to get there, Bermuda—just 850 miles east of the Carolinas—sits within an easy two-hour direct flight from most major airports along the Eastern Seaboard. From L.F. Wade International Airport, it’s just a short cab ride to the intriguing historic streets of St. George’s. Downtown Hamilton, with its shops, pubs and restaurants, is a 20-minute drive. And even the most remote beaches at the western tip are within an hour’s striking distance after you step off the plane. As for the alluring nature of Bermuda, its distinct West Indian culture and physical appeal meld perfectly with its oh-so-proper British origins. You can enjoy tea and scones with reggae playing in the background, watch cricket matches while occasionally gazing out across impossibly blue waters, or just kick back and enjoy a society where the pace is slower but where everything is decidedly dialed in—from cellular coverage to wireless connections that are among the fastest in the greater Caribbean and well ahead of many in Europe and the rural United States.

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