Hamilton is not only the capital of Bermuda; it’s the beating heart. A picturesque harbour city graced with shops, museums, galleries and gardens, Hamilton is also the hub of international and local businesses. On any given morning you might see commuters in Bermuda shorts traveling to work on scooters, passing each other with a warm “good morning.” This juxtaposition of global sophistication and local flavour gives Hamilton its unique charm.

The town of Hamilton was founded in 1788 and named after Sir Henry Hamilton who served as Governor of Bermuda to 1794. People in the capital Town of St. George, objected to the creation of the new upstart town, but the Governor felt it made good sense to have a town in the central area, hence the motto, 'Sparsa Collegit', 'brought together the scattered'. The new town thrived and overtook the Town of St. George, becoming the capital of Bermuda in 1815.

Today the City of Hamilton has a colourful, vibrant character. Take a walk through this historic town and take in the sea breezes, harbour views and the pastel palette of shops, galleries and restaurants.

Hamilton, Pembroke and its nearby parishes offer so much more; intoxicating gardens, historic churches, and an interactive aquarium and zoo, and all rolled into one jaw-dropping good time.

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