This historical marvel has an amazing story to tell. Over 150 years of service as the bastion of Royal Naval might in the Western Atlantic and a participant in the American War of Independence, this dockyard launched ships that changed history. For example, during the War of 1812, a British fleet sailed from Dockyard on its infamous mission to attack and seize Washington. The great warships changed over the years from the tall masted man-of-war to the ironclad, to the steam-driven dreadnought, to the diesel-turbine frigate. Munitions changed from shot and cannon ball to torpedo and shell. The monumental gates of H.M. Dockyard swung open to the public in 1951, ending its noble service as the bastion of Royal Naval power in the Western Atlantic.

As you visit Dockyard today, the sweep of history is all around you in the fine old stone buildings, wharves and fortifications. You step back in time to the era of the British Empire, when Britannia ruled the waves.

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