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Connoisseur’s Guide to Driving Programs

The phrase “driving school” might conjure memories of long Saturdays spent in windowless classrooms as penance for speeding tickets. But there’s another type of driving school—the kind you actually want to attend. These teach car enthusiasts how to get the most out of their particular car, whether on the racetrack or the off-road trail. An […]

Connoisseur’s Guide to Finding a Decorator

There is no perfect science to hiring someone who is going to become intimately involved in every aspect of your home and life. In most cases, you will work and collaborate with this person for at least a year, and longer on larger and more complex projects. Consider the fact that you will be making […]

1970-1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Only a few years ago, a Plymouth Hemi ’Cuda convertible—1 of 11 built in 1971—caused a furor when it sold for $2 million. Even in a heated automotive market driven by nostalgic baby boomers, no one had ever paid that much for a muscle car. The record-breaking sale firmly established the handsome Hemi ’Cuda as […]

Five Contemporary Furniture Designers to Buy Now

Today’s furniture designers are more aware of their legacy than their antecedents were. Isamu Noguchi, known for his iconic kidney-shaped coffee table, and Eero Saarinen, who is identified by his womb chair, for instance, weren’t thinking of creating masterpieces for a future auction market when they forged their lasting designs. Their descendants, however, strive for […]

Connoisseur’s Guide to Bespoke Footwear

John Carnera and George Glasgow of G.J. Cleverley made headlines in the early 1990s when the British bespoke shoemakers acquired a cache of Russian reindeer hides at auction that had been resting in the hull of a recovered sunken cargo ship for more than 200 years. The skins, which the duo used to make dozens […]

Aftermarket Automobiles

A Toe in the Water For many enthusiasts, an automotive purchase isn’t complete until an aftermarket shop — known by the catchall term tuner — has installed a set of custom wheels, added a body kit, or upgraded the engine. But do you really need to customize your car? Consider these cars you can purchase […]

Bespoke or Made-to-Measure

For the optimum fit and comfort, undoubtedly a custom-made suit is the first choice. But, if you’re short on time or simply have a body type that doesn’t require special-fit needs, a made-to-measure suit is another option. For even some well-heeled gentlemen, the difference between bespoke and made-to-measure can be confusing. Here are details to […]

Buying Fine Art and Antiques

Buying Art In June 2007, London-based artist Damien Hirst sold For the Love of God for $100 million, creating the latest example of alpha in the already alpha-rich art market. Considering Hirst himself once quipped, “Art is the most fabulous currency,” it isn’t surprising he created an object that interplays art and commerce, a theme […]

Connoisseur’s Guide to Selecting a Smartphone

If there were any doubts about the IQ of today’s smartphones, they were expunged by a recent experience: Having spent countless hours over two weeks trying to get a new Windows Vista PC and Outlook 2007 to work with our corporate e-mail, we expected similar difficulties repeating the task with a then-new BlackBerry 8830. To […]

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