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Piper Aircraft Malibu Mirage

With its pressurized cabin, Piper Aircraft’s Mirage makes the flight levels a comfortable place for the piston pilot to travel above the weather and traffic at 25,000 feet. Lycoming’s TIO-540-AE2A piston engine performs efficiently even at lower altitudes, for added mission flexibility. Buyers can choose either the Garmin G1000 or Avidyne’s Entegra for avionics systems. […]

Gulfstream G250

Gulfstream’s newest aircraft, which will replace the G200, is scheduled to start deliveries in 2011. Changes from the G200 are substantial, including an efficient new wing design and a larger cabin, upgraded with more windows and a roomy aft baggage compartment that is accessible during flight. A redesigned aft fuselage replaces the G200’s cruciform design […]

Cessna Citation CJ2+

The CJ2+ added 300 pounds of payload compared to the CJ2 model it replaced, and boosted range, speed, and time to climb. The cockpit was upgraded with Collins Pro Line avionics. Simple and reliable flight systems make it easy to fly with a single pilot. Passengers got a larger cabin with more electrical outlets and […]

Piper Aircraft PiperJet

Piper Aircraft continues to make progress on its single-engine PiperJet. Entry to and egress from the spacious cabin are easy via a wide door. The single engine is expected to make for a smoother transition for piston pilots who may not have a lot of twin-engine experience. Details of the aircraft continue to evolve as […]

Gulfstream G200

The G200, formerly known as the Galaxy, was acquired and rebranded by Gulfstream in 2001, expanding the Gulfstream line toward the entry-level end. The jet offers a roomy two-zone stand-up cabin with a full galley, 100 percent fresh air, and big oval windows for a comfortable ride. Operating costs are low, with dispatch reliability exceeding […]

Cessna Citation CJ1+

This successor to the CJ1 launched in 2005. New Williams jet engines boost fuel efficiency and climb performance, and extra payload extends the range. The cabin features a recessed full-length aisle and foldaway work tables. The seats are on tracks that allow them to be repositioned forward, backward, or sideways. New integrated Collins Pro Line […]

Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II

With two fast and efficient turboprop engines, this Italian-built airplane burns 40 percent less fuel than similar-size jets, for lower operating costs. The P180 Avanti II is certified for single-pilot operation, which further enhances its cost efficiency. The distinctive design, with the main wing placed toward the tail and a small forward wing, provides stability. […]

Gulfstream 650

The G650, now in development from an all-new design, extends the venerable Gulfstream line with even more range and a bigger cabin. With a top speed of 704 mph, the G650 strives to take the fastest-civil-airplane honor away from Cessna’s Citation X. The cabin is more than six feet high and eight feet wide, with […]

Cessna Caravan

2010 marked the 25th production year of the Caravan, Cessna’s rugged propeller-driven workhorse, which can be equipped with pontoons for amphibious takeoff and landing. The Caravan’s single 675 hp Pratt & Whitney turbine engine has proven as dependable as its durable design—both elements that make this plane a fit for a variety of applications. While […]

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