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Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II

With two fast and efficient turboprop engines, this Italian-built airplane burns 40 percent less fuel than similar-size jets, for lower operating costs. The P180 Avanti II is certified for single-pilot operation, which further enhances its cost efficiency. The distinctive design, with the main wing placed toward the tail and a small forward wing, provides stability. […]

Gulfstream 650

The G650, now in development from an all-new design, extends the venerable Gulfstream line with even more range and a bigger cabin. With a top speed of 704 mph, the G650 strives to take the fastest-civil-airplane honor away from Cessna’s Citation X. The cabin is more than six feet high and eight feet wide, with […]

Cessna Caravan

2010 marked the 25th production year of the Caravan, Cessna’s rugged propeller-driven workhorse, which can be equipped with pontoons for amphibious takeoff and landing. The Caravan’s single 675 hp Pratt & Whitney turbine engine has proven as dependable as its durable design—both elements that make this plane a fit for a variety of applications. While […]

Icon Aircraft A5

The A5 fits a special category of sport aircraft that is designed to be easy to fly and requires less training for pilots. With the ability to land on water or on runways as short as 750 feet, and with a folding wing that makes it easy to transport on a trailer, the A5 strives […]

Emivest Aerospace SJ30-2

Designer Ed Swearingen drew on decades of aviation experience to create the SJ30, seeking a balance of range, speed, efficiency, and comfort. Starting in the 1980s, Swearingen partnered with several different manufacturers, until eventually Dubai-based Emivest acquired the design. The first two jets were delivered to customers in 2009. The small, swept-back wing provides speed, […]

Bombardier Learjet 85

With this new, clean-sheet design, the Learjet 85’s designers aimed to incorporate all the latest technologies while preserving the robust aerodynamic performance for which the venerable Learjet line is known. Bombardier says the new jet will be larger, faster, and more agile than others in its class. The cabin is roomier and taller than in […]

Hawker Beechcraft King Air C90GTX

This addition to the venerable King Air line increases maximum gross weight by 385 pounds, almost doubling the full-fuel payload capability to 750 pounds and stretching the four-passenger range by 230 miles. Hawker Beechcraft added small composite winglets, which boost climb performance and fuel efficiency and improve handling at low speeds and high altitudes. The […]

Embraer Legacy 650

Based on the popular Legacy 600, the 650 will provide longer trips for up to 14 passengers with an extra 575 miles of range, while retaining the same comfortable cabin layout. The extra range allows for nonstop trips from London to New York, even with headwinds. Changes include a reinforced wing and landing gear to […]

Bombardier Learjet 45XR

The 45XR offers substantial upgrades over its previous iteration. Honeywell TFE31-20-BR engines produce higher cruising speeds and quicker climbs, while a 1,000-pound boost in takeoff weight allows the jet to carry enough extra fuel to significantly extend its range. These performance improvements give the 45XR the ability to reach Sacramento from Chicago, or Moscow from […]

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