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Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 750

The Hawker 750 utilizes the same Honeywell engines and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite as the 800XP from which it was developed. On the 750, however, Hawker Beechcraft replaced one of the fuel tanks with a 32-cubic-foot heated storage area. This adjustment created an abundance of baggage space and reduced the plane’s weight, […]

Dassault Falcon Falcon 900LX

The 900LX, the latest iteration in this model line, was certified in July 2010. The aircraft sports a distinctive third engine that provides extra performance to handle short runways and high altitudes, even in hot weather. Despite the extra engine, the 900LX burns up to 40 percent less fuel than other jets in this range, […]

Viking Air DHC-2 MKIII Turbo Beaver

The versatile backcountry Beaver was introduced in 1947 by the de Havilland Aircraft Company, in Canada, and gained a reputation as a workhorse. Since the 1980s, Viking Air has been converting the de Havilland Beaver pistons to turbine planes, with longer cabins and increased payload capabilities. Bigger windows improve visibility from the cockpit, and a […]

Hawker Beechcraft Beechcraft Premier II

The Premier II, expected to start deliveries by late 2012 or early 2013, takes the IA to the next level—literally. The II will climb to 45,000 feet, where fuel burns more efficiently and fewer headwinds slow progress. The new model also intends to increase range by as much as 20 percent and boost the maximum […]

Cirrus Aircraft Vision SF50

Cirrus continues to work on its Vision SF50 jet with hopes of starting deliveries in 2013. Tight funding has slowed progress, but the company has said it plans to spend 2011 building a conforming prototype. The prototype will incorporate design changes gleaned from several hundred hours of flying the current test vehicle, and will provide […]

Viking Air DHC-6 Twin Otter

De Havilland stopped building the Twin Otter more than 20 years ago, but hundreds are still flying, and now a Canadian company is building brand-new updated versions. The tough twin turboprop can handle short runways, and it can be accessorized with skis or amphibious floats to reach just about anywhere on the planet. The cabin […]

Gulfstream G450

The G450, a successor to the company’s best-selling GIV series, stands out for its range and extra-long cabin, which stretches 45 feet from end to end. The G450 boasts ample room for up to 16 passengers, with berths for six. Multiple heating zones cater to individual comfort on longer trips, and the extra-large cabin windows, […]

Cessna Skyhawk 172S

The 172S is the most recent incarnation of the Skyhawk, a model that Cessna has delivered more than 43,000 examples of in various iterations since its introduction in 1955—making this single-engine piston-driven aircraft one of the world’s most popular. Cessna has kept such high sales figures by continuing to upgrade the Skyhawk’s classic high-wing design […]

Piper Aircraft Matrix

The Matrix is basically the same as Piper’s 1980s-era Malibu Mirage, but with an unpressurized cabin and a smaller price tag. This offering initially seemed unlikely to wow buyers, but in 2008, its first year of production, the Matrix nearly outsold the rest of Piper’s piston aircraft line combined. Buyers saw the airplane not as […]

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