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Authentic Italy

No other place in the world can boast of offering the authentic cultural experiences of Italy.
With 20 distinct regions, each with its own unique customs and flavors, no two trips to this incredible country are alike—nor should they be. From the Dolomites in the North to the Aeolian Islands in the South, the traditions are as varied as the terrain, and yet all profoundly Italian.

Authentic Italy

To ensure the most genuine travel adventure, the savvy explorer would be wise to choose Authentic Italy, who specializes in custom Italian getaways that use food and wine as a gateway to culture. A network of locally based collaborators and experts offers unparalleled access to Italy’s best kept secrets.

Expert travel consultants customize visits for families, groups of friends, business associates, individuals and couples to seek out the most unforgettable upscale stops—from breathtaking accommodations to world-renowned restaurants to heart-stopping landscapes and vistas. With its incomparable regional cuisine and extraordinary vino, only Italy offers the opportunity for deep cultural immersion in the ultimate travel destination.

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