Exclusive Itinerary with Kiton

In the 18th century, gentlemen would travel to Naples as part of the Grand Tour. While these adventurous men studied art and culture, they had clothes made to measure by master craftsmen. This tradition of bel vestire, or fine attire, continues with Kiton, the Neapolitan clothier known around the world for suits produced by hand in a labor of love of upwards of 50 hours.

Since 1956, when Kiton was founded by Ciro Paone, the southern Italian suitmaker has commissioned rare and exclusive fabrics from the world’s most storied textile mills. By combining the highest artisan practices with the finest fabrics and best raw materials, Paone accomplished the art of elegance while allowing for fashion’s natural evolution.

The tradition lives on, and now modern gentlemen can travel to Milan for their own Grand Tour, visiting Palazzo Kiton and returning home with a bespoke wardrobe second to none.



To book your next Kiton adventure, contact your preferred travel professional, email vmartinelli@kitonus.com or visit www.kiton.it/en.