Orient Expressions

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    Striking shades, sumptuous silk embroidery, and intricate chinoiserie-style patterns introduce elements of intrigue and urbanity to  the men’s collections this fall.

    1. Versace wool jacquard coat, $2,795; Ralph Lauren cashmere turtleneck, $1,095; Kiton wool pants, $1,170; Ermenegildo Zegna leather boots, $725; Falke socks, $24; Cartier Tank Anglaise 18-karat-rose-gold watch, $33,900.

    2. Miharayasuhiro cotton jacket, $2,000, and wool pants, $610; Bottega Veneta cotton-and-wool shirt, $1,100; Bruno Magli patent leather shoes, $545.

    3. Ralph Lauren leather trench coat, $6,995, cashmere turtleneck, $1,095, and wool pants, $695; David Yurman malachite beaded bracelet, $495, black onyx beaded bracelet, $395, and woven tile beaded bracelet, $650.

    4. Brunello Cucinelli wool suit, $4,375; Bottega Veneta wool sweater vest, $530; Corneliani silk pocket square, $125; David Yurman onyx beaded bracelet, $375.

    5. Lanvin calfskin jacket, $4,800, cotton shirt, $635, wool-and-polyester pants, $995, and silk tie, $395.

    6. Corneliani velvet blazer, $1,495, and velvet pants, $345; Dries Van Noten silk-and-cotton shirt, $1,063; Cartier Ballon Bleu 18-karat-rose-gold-and-sapphire watch, $32,200.

    7. Burberry leopard-print calfskin topcoat, $8,750, and silk polo shirt, $795; Prada kid mohair jacket, $2,390, and pants, $735; Berluti leather belt, $650; Cartier Ballon Bleu 18-karat-rose-gold-and-sapphire watch with leather strap, $20,700.

    8. Gucci cotton shirt, $545, and wool pants, $1,595; Brunello Cucinelli silk bow tie, $245; John Lobb patent leather shoes with satin band, $980; Cartier diamond-and-jade-nephrite 18-karat-gold cuff links, $3,900.

    9. Isaia velvet dinner jacket, price upon request, and wool pants, $225; Brunello Cucinelli cotton tuxedo shirt, $950, satin cummerbund, $315, and wool pocket square, $165; Cartier Ballon Bleu 18-karat-rose-gold-and-sapphire watch, $32,200; David Yurman rubber bracelet, $250.

    10. Etro velvet blazer, $2,214; Hermès wool-and-mohair pants, $7,150; Berluti cashmere scarf, $1,170; Louis Vuitton velvet loafers, $1,410; Cartier Ballon Bleu 18-karat-rose-gold-and-
    sapphire watch, $32,200.

    11. Tom Ford wool-and-silk dinner jacket, $4,390, cotton-and-silk vest, $1,390, wool pants, $1,390, grosgrain bow tie, $245, and silk pocket square, $180; Belvest cotton shirt, $220.

    12. Louis Vuitton silk-and-polyester embroidered dinner jacket, $6,175, wool pants, $1,175, cotton shirt, $1,175, and silk bow tie, $625; Cartier Ballon Bleu 18-karat-rose-gold-and-sapphire watch, $32,200.

    13. Giorgio Armani cotton shirt, $845; Bottega Veneta wool suit, $4,100; Brunello Cucinelli wool pocket square, $165.

    14. Tom Ford beaver fur coat, price upon request; Ermenegildo Zegna wool jacket, $3,495, wool pants, $1,250, cotton shirt with tie pin, $435, silk tie, $195, and silk cummerbund, $195; Falke socks, $24; Di Bianco patent leather shoes with grosgrain band, $950.

    15. Belvest camel hair jacket, $2,595, and cotton-and-wool tie, $150; Corneliani cotton shirt, $285, and silk pocket square, $125; Angelo Galasso wool pants, $755; Falke socks, $24; Louis Vuitton silk shoes, $1,350; The Tie Bar tie clip, $15; Luxuriator by Franco sunglasses, $895

    16. Stefano Ricci wool jacket, wool-and-cashmere pants, cotton shirt, silk tie, and silk pocket square, all prices upon request; Falke socks, $24; Burberry calfskin shoes, $750; Cartier Santos Dumont 18-karat-rose-gold watch with leather strap,

    17. Dolce & Gabbana embroidered jacket, $8,345, wool vest, $595, wool pants, $725, and cotton shirt, $545; Ralph Lauren silk tie, $155; Cartier Santos Dumont 18-karat-rose-gold watch with leather strap, $17,300.

    18. Alexander McQueen velvet blazer, $2,090, wool pants, $635, and cotton shirt, price upon request; Cartier Ballon Bleu 18-karat-rose-gold-and-sapphire watch, $32,200.

    Alexander McQueen 877.220.4587, www.alexandermcqueen.com
    Angelo Galasso 212.371.4400, www.angelogalasso.com
    Belvest 212.317.0460, www.belvest.com
    Berluti 212.439.6400, www.berluti.com
    Bottega Veneta 800.845.6790, www.bottegaveneta.com
    Brunello Cucinelli 212.813.0900, www.brunellocucinelli.com
    Bruno Magli Special Services 800.624.5430, www.brunomagli.com
    Burberry 877.217.4085, www.burberry.com
    Cartier 800.227.8437, www.cartier.us
    Corneliani 800.222.9477, www.corneliani.com
    David Yurman 212.752.4255, www.davidyurman.com
    Di Bianco 646.415.8925, www.scarpedibianco.com
    Dolce & Gabbana 877.703.4872, www.dolcegabbana.it
    Dries Van Noten +32.3221.9090, www.driesvannoten.be
    Ermenegildo Zegna 212.421.4488, www.zegna.com
    Etro 212.247.1200, www.etro.com
    Falke, available at Neiman Marcus, 310.550.5900, www.neimanmarcus.com
    Giorgio Armani 877.361.1176, www.armani.com
    Gucci 877.482.2430, www.gucci.com
    Hermès 800.441.4488, www.hermes.com
    Isaia 212.245.3733, www.isaia.it
    John Lobb 212.888.9797, www.johnlobb.com
    Kiton 212.813.0272, www.kiton.it
    Lanvin 646.439.0380, www.lanvin.com
    Louis Vuitton 866.884.8866, www.louisvuitton.com
    Luxuriator by Franco 800.448.2411, www.luxuriatorcollection.com
    Miharayasuhiro +81.3.5775.7143, www.miharayasuhiro.jp
    Prada 212.664.0010, www.prada.com
    Ralph Lauren 888.475.7674, www.ralphlauren.com
    Stefano Ricci 212.371.3901, www.stefanoricci.com
    The Tie Bar 877.888.8437, www.thetiebar.com
    Tom Ford 212.359.0300
    Versace 888.721.7219, www.versace.com

    Location: Dawnridge, the Beverly Hills home of designer Tony Duquette ■ Stylist’s Assistant: John Donahue ■ Photographer’s Assistants: Mario Sanchez and Hans Eric Olson ■ Digital Technician: Carl Novick ■ Model: Marios Lekkas, DNA Models ■ Groomer: Giovanni Giuliano, Atelier Management ■ Captions: Christina Garofalo, Lauren Schumacher ■ Monkey: Tara, Benay’s Bird and Animal Rentals, 818.881.0053

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