Nat Sherman Creates Four Pipes to Celebrate Its 85th Anniversary [SLIDESHOW]

The pipes pay tribute to the New York addresses that represent various eras in the brand’s history…


The Nat Sherman tobacco company is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year, and to commemorate the milestone, the company has partnered with the pipe maker Damiano Rovera of Ardor Pipes in Varese, Italy, to create four one-of-a-kind models. Named after the four New York addresses that the Nat Sherman shop has occupied over its history, the pipes also reflect the prevalent styles during the eras in which Nat Sherman occupied those retail spaces. “Pipes are really interesting from the standpoint that they conjure up so many different, really personal emotions,” says Bill Sherman, an executive vice president. “For me, it was my father, who always had a pipe hanging out of his mouth.”

To determine the four pipe designs, Chris McGrath—Nat Sherman’s sales associate and resident pipe expert—referred to old photographs of Joel Sherman, the company’s president and CEO, which helped him better understand which styles were most appropriate. But he also gave Rovera plenty of control. “He had a lot of creative say,” McGrath explains, “because he’s such a passionate pipe maker and a true artisan.”

Each pipe costs $1,930, and while that price suggests that these examples are collector pieces (and they are), Larry Sherman, an executive vice president, is quick to differentiate these pipes from those that are excessively opulent. “There are still a lot of pipes that are about show,” he says. “These pipes are not about show. They are about the quality that was apparent in both the briar itself and the person that created them.” (