100 Favorite Restaurants: Feeding Desires

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Te Mataré Ramírez transforms dining into an R-rated experience. Sensual artworks decorate the walls of this 13-year-old restaurant in the Palermo Soho section of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and between courses, you are treated to pornographic puppet shows and readings from erotic classics.

As for the food, a meal can begin with Between Desire and Shame, a salad of smoked Spanish ham, goat cheese, and cherry tomatoes in a cucumber vinaigrette; and move on to With Gluttony as well as Lust, an appetizer of baby squid stuffed with saffron rice. Entrées include You Surrender to My Intimate Perversions (roast lamb with fennel and creamy hummus) and Her Triggering Enjoyment Goes Beyond My Limits (Pacific salmon with buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and perfumed basil). For dessert, there is Lovers That Share One Another, a chocolate fondue with seasonal fruits for dipping.

Owner Carlos Di Cesare, who names the offerings and changes the menu twice a year, says that the restaurant’s name, which translates as “I will kill you, Ramírez,” refers to a school friend of his who became entangled with a married woman. “The husband learned about the affair, and he [Ramírez] had to disappear for a time,” Di Cesare says. “He was always afraid of being discovered. So we always made a joke about it and told him, ‘Te Mataré, Ramírez.’ The story reappeared during the process of making this restaurant, so we used it.”


Winemaker Delia Viader of Viader in Deer Park, Calif., recommends Te Mataré Ramírez, deeming it “an unforgettable place.” But she notes, “I do not remember how their wine list was. There were several distractions everywhere.”

Te Mataré Ramírez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, +54.11.4831.9156, www.tematareramirez.com

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