The Best of Rodin’s Works Sculpted from Chocolate

Chocolatier Patrick Roger honors the father of modern sculpture with a sculpture of his own…

On November 12, the 175th anniversary of the birth of Auguste Rodin—the father of modern sculpture—will correspond with the reopening of the remodeled Musée Rodin, the Parisian museum that honors some of his most famous works, including The Kiss and The Thinker. To celebrate the occasion, museum director Catherine Chevillot invited chocolatier Patrick Roger to create a confectionery sculpture which will be exhibited in the lobby for four months. Roger, a French native who rose to prominence after winning the Grand Prix International du Chocolat, sculpts compelling and complex figures from chocolate much like Rodin molded them from clay and plaster. Roger chose to replicate one of Rodin’s most iconic statues, The Thinker, for the occasion. Nine smaller chocolate versions of the statute will be displayed in Roger’s chocolate shops in what will truly be the sweetest homage to the legendary sculptor. (

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