Best of the Best 2016: Leisure | Dining: Disfrutar

What delights about Disfrutar is not just that its three chefs—all former chefs de cuisine at El Bulli—are keeping alive the imaginative style of that legendary restaurant, but that they make it so much fun. Yes, the culinary world has moved on, El Bulli closed 5 years ago, and molecular gastronomy is practically reviled in some local-loving, farm-to-table quarters. But the menu here combines wit and deliciousness in a way that makes it all seem new again. 

  • Chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch, and Mateu Casañas developed the recipes and ran the kitchen at El Bulli in its last years.

  • Located in a central part of Barcelona, Disfrutar is much more accessible than the remote El Bulli ever was.

  • Standout dishes include crispy egg yolk with mushroom gel and chocolate-mousse “peppers.”

Disfrutar, (19-, 25-, and 32-course tasting menus, $85, $120, and $155) 

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