Java Expert Reveals the 10 Best Gourmet Coffees to Make at Home This Fall

From Blue Bottle to Roseline, cofounder shares his seasonal artisanal-coffee selections…


In 2009, Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen (friends and creative collaborators since middle school) founded, an online aggregator that linked to other coffee sites à la After discovering a dearth of high-caliber coffee writing, the duo began publishing original content on their site the following year. Fueled by the popularity of third-wave coffee (a movement that focuses on high-quality, artisanal joe), the site aims to help readers enrich their lives by drinking the finest coffees the world has to offer. “Coffee is a culinary experience, not just a wakeup fuel,” says Michelman. “It can be processed in a variety of ways to dramatically impact the flavor. How you get the cherry off the seed or wash the seed impacts its flavor much more than just how the beans are roasted.”

Like wine grapes, coffee beans are grown and harvested in different seasons. So in light of the close of summer, we asked Michelman to recommend his top 10 gourmet coffee picks for fall.

Available starting around October, each of the following coffees can be easily ordered online and shipped to your doorstep. And while pour-over proponents may protest, Michelman says a regular ol’ automatic coffeemaker can easily churn out an exemplary cup of joe. “Though hopefully something better than a $20 Mr. Coffee,” he admonishes. (