What to Eat with These Delicious Sweet Wines


Photography by Lew Robertson Styling by Alicia Buszczak Food styling by Karen Gillingham Special thanks to Gearys of Beverly Hills 


Connoisseurs are relishing sweet wines in a new way by pairing them with savory dishes as well as desserts. 

The secrets men keep range from the grand to the Lilliputian, and with regard to the latter, a wise saying recounts that when it comes to wine, people talk dry, but drink sweet—that is, many of us quietly enjoy sweet wines but are abashed to admit it. The subject of such vintages, whether they are fortified like Ports, late-harvested, or ice wines, is fraught with misinformation; they are often viewed as inferior, mainstream, or simply cut-rate. But sweet wines have a long provenance, originating some 5,000 years ago, and historically, they have superior longevity and aging potential compared to dry wines. They can pair with a variety of comestibles from appetizers and soups to diverse entrées. These wines also stand alone on their level of complexity. Some of the pairings included here are meant to highlight the differences between the cuisine and the wine, others are intended to enhance their similarities, but all should help you revel in your secret passion for sweet.