Best of the Best 2016: Leisure | Dining: The Table by Kevin Fehling

When Kevin Fehling moved from the provincial German village of Travemünde to the city of Hamburg, it took a mere 3 months for him to regain three Michelin stars. The Table is radically urban, designed around a single, long communal table. Guests sit and watch as the cooks—accompanied by Fehling’s lounge-music mixtapes—work silently, creating dishes filled with Japanese flavors and inspirations: nigiri of foie gras, shiso jelly masquerading as octopus, or a dashi macaron.

  • The restaurant is in Hamburg’s newly redeveloped HafenCity district on the Elbe River.

  • There are only 20 seats at the snake-shaped table, each within a perfect view of the kitchen.

  • Fehling’s creations have an effortless, natural perfection.

  • The Table, (tasting menu, $220)

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