Davi’s Skin Care Harvest

The name Mondavi is synonymous with California wines, and now it’s making its mark in luxury skin care. Davi was established last year by Carlo Cesare Robert Mondavi, the grandson of Robert Mondavi, who founded the wine brand in 1966. Staying true to his family heritage, the skin-care products are made from a blend of natural ingredients that include by-products of the winemaking process. During fermentation, a by-product is produced containing polyphenols, a naturally occurring antioxidant that is believed to combat free radicals that cause aging. This derivative is combined with grape and fermented wine extracts, green tea, raspberry, black currant, and bilberry extracts among other ingredients to create what Davi has coined Meritage, which is at the core of all its products, including Le Grand Cru cream for men and women, $175 (shown). (310.827.0800, www.daviskin.com)

?Jill Newman                                  

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