Forge de Laguiole Cigar Cutter

WHAT: A handmade and hand-forged cigar cutter

WHY: The essential cigar tool

Handcrafted in the village of Laguiole in France, the Forge de Laguiole cigar cutter (starting at $228) features stainless-steel bolsters, liners, and a supersharp cutter. A single craftsman creates the cutter from start to finish, so nothing is overlooked in handoff. Choose from a juniper handle with satin-finished stainless steel, a briarwood-root handle with satin-finished stainless steel, a black horn-tip handle with mirror-finished stainless steel, or a thuya-burl handle with mirror-finished stainless steel. Whatever the finishing touches, you can be sure you have the best smoke snipper out there. And it comes with a soft leather storage sheath. 


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