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Although history’s most storied smoker has a cigar shape named after him, his grandson, Winston S. Churchill, felt the great man deserved something better. In 2005, the younger Churchill approached Davidoff with the idea of making a Winston Churchill cigar, and the result is worthy of its name. The cigar’s leathery Ecuadoran wrapper swathes a Dominican binder and five different filler tobaccos, a more complex blend than the elder Churchill himself probably ever sampled. The cigar’s mild, refined flavor possesses not a hint of spice or pepper. The 5¼ x 52 No. 10 shown here (named after 10 Downing St., the British prime minister’s residence) has the greatest girth of the four available sizes. And yes, a 7-inch Churchill shape is available: To help avoid confusion, Davidoff has dubbed it Blenheim, after the palace near Oxford, England, where the statesman was born in 1874. ($13.50 to $22 each)


Cigar rings from the Los Angeles–based company Imperial Rose Collections can be best described as jewelry for cigars. Indeed, cocreators David Tadman and Tigran Sarkysian report that customers often wear one of the rings on a finger when they are not using it to hold a cigar. The rings are available in silver, white gold, or platinum; with gems; and in sizes to fit any cigar—or finger. ($600 to $22,000)

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