10 Newly Released Rare Whiskies


Special releases are the whiskies that set the hearts of connoisseurs and collectors beating a little faster. In fall of each year, spirits powerhouse Diageo issues (typically in batches of 10) a mélange of whiskies made in various styles, regions, and ages. They hail from distilleries beloved by whisky buffs, distilleries that are used in blends but hardly ever featured as single malts, and distilleries that do not even exist anymore.

These limited editions are all bottled at cask strength, without any water added before bottling. The end of 2016 marked the 16th year of Diageo’s special releases, and given the rarity of some of these whiskies, they will surely appreciate in value. But then, of course, you would not be able to drink them, which really is the point. Investment value aside, whisky fans would be advised to carpe diem in this case.

This year’s whiskies range in age from 12 to 40 years, with one no-age-statement thrown in, and they are priced from $135 to $4,000 per bottle. The only thing they all have in common, apart from being delicious and rare, is that they are from distilleries owned by spirits behemoth Diageo. Here’s a rundown of this latest collection. (diageo.com)