The 12 Whiskeys of Christmas


Little did British composer Frederic Austin realize in 1909, when he took an 18th-century Christmas poem and set it to music, that The Twelve Days of Christmas would become an enduring homage to a dozen gifts, the first of which was given on Christmas Day and the last presented on January 5th, the day before Epiphany.

Today, of course, those 12 gifts—beginning with a partridge and ending with a group of drummers—might not be as endearing to our “true love” as they might have been back in 1780, when they were originally introduced in a children’s book titled Mirth without Mischief. Rather, as responsible adults celebrating the holidays in the 21st century, we might be more receptive to receiving 12 bottles of highly coveted brown liquors during this joyous season.

So here, then, is a more spirited selection for the dozen days leading up to Christmas.