Drinking Our Way Through the Orphan Barrel's Whiskeys


In early 2014, Diageo (the world’s largest distributor of spirits) launched the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Distilling Company, a brand focused on dusting the cobwebs off all-but-forgotten whiskey barrels in old distillery warehouses and bottling them for limited release. Distilled and/or stored by the likes of George Dickle, Stitzel-Weller, Bernheim, and other Kentucky and Tennessee whiskey houses, the Orphan Barrel spirits released to date are distinctly American, with Prohibition-inspired branding and packaging to match. While there has been some controversy about how limited the production and whether the barrels were actually “forgotten,” the fact remains that the Orphan Barrel collection offers a full gamut to satisfy American whiskey fans of every ilk. Here are details on all seven of its releases to date, including the latest, a 28-year-old whiskey launched this fall. (orphanbarrel.com)