Eight Must-Try Takes on Frozen Rosé, This Season’s Coolest Sip

The newest way to enjoy the traditional summertime wine is iced or frozen…


Rosé wine, now at a high point of popularity after being shunned by wine snobs in past decades (you may have heard that the Hamptons ran out of rosé last summer), is the patio-and-rooftop chug of choice for the cognoscenti, and a de facto summertime tradition. But of course, staying static is the kiss of death. What’s next for the drink? It seems that icing it down is the next treatment of choice. 

This summer, rosé shifts to frosé. A clutch of top-notch bars and restaurants across the country are freezing rosé or blending it with ice, sweetening it up with ingredients like simple syrup and citrus, and making it into a refreshingly chilly drink. Here are a few of our favorite spots serving frozen rosé, and a DIY tip from each.