Kavalan’s Five New Single Malts Are Spirited Standouts


Kavalan introduced its first single malt to market fewer than 10 years ago, and in that short time the Taiwanese distiller has established itself as one of the world’s leading producers of fine whisky. The accolades are plentiful and impressive and have helped establish this unlikeliest of regions as a mecca for whiskeyphiles.

In the beginning, skeptics—of which there were many—posited that the subtropical climate of Yilan County, Taiwan, would be inimical to whisky’s maturation. On the contrary, the heat has emerged as an asset, accelerating the process by which the spirit meshes with wood, making Kavalan whiskies mature more quickly than their Scottish, American, and Japanese counterparts.

In early April, Kavalan will introduce its latest line of sherry and port cask-aged whiskies to the U.S. These stellar bottlings testify to the skill and innovation of master blender Ian Chang. Here’s a preview of the collection. (kavalanwhisky.com)