Sip This, Smoke That


Photography by Cordero Studios Special thanks to Gearys of Beverly Hills


Pair the perfect cigars with premier whiskies, cognac & even gin.

As a host, one of the most frequently asked questions you may get when offering your guests a cocktail is, “What kind of cigar goes with this?” It is a natural curiosity, because just as you select which wines to pour with dinner, the answer to pairing spirits and cigars is literally a matter of taste. But it goes beyond just drinking and smoking what you like.  Spirits and cigars have much in common, and it is important not only to recognize but also to capitalize on their similarities. For example, both are created from raw materials that are agricultural, where terroir plays an important role in the makeup of wheat, barley, and similar crops, as well as the composition of the different soils where tobacco is grown. In addition, both premium spirits and cigars are created from ingredients selected by master blenders, and then they are meticulously aged to perfection.

And finally, just as with wine and cuisine, spirits and cigars, with their wide ranges of flavors and strengths, have to complement each other; one should not dominate the other. Here, then, are eight combinations to help you answer that perennial spirit-and-cigar-pairing question.