Top 10 Thanksgiving Wines from Ian Cauble of the Somm Documentaries [SLIDESHOW]

One of world’s best-known master sommeliers shares his wine recommendations for Thanksgiving…


For a little inspiration for your holiday feast, here is a list of master sommelier Ian Cauble’s top 10 Thanksgiving wines. In addition to starring in the documentary films Somm and Somm: Into the Bottle, Cauble is a cofounder of the e-commerce wine business SommSelect. Each day, he offers a unique wine selection from around the world to a list of clients via e-mail who receive access to some of the best prices online. Shipping is included on most orders. Join SommSelect.

I am the wine guy in the family, so when Thanksgiving comes around, the responsibility falls on my shoulders to choose the bottles. I find myself reaching for wines and sparklers from certain regions year after year—they pair well with the progression of the day and bring alive various components of the Thanksgiving feast.

We ritualistically celebrate the day at my parents’ house in Southern California, where we start with a delicious brunch accompanied by Champagne and other sparklers to fortify us for the task ahead. From there, I then find my place in the kitchen for most of the afternoon, cooking with many thirsty family members. I find myself uncorking a different wine every 20 minutes as the contents quickly disappear into my family’s seemingly bottomless glasses.