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Whiskey of the Week: Booker’s Rye

Rye is on the rise, and this high-test spirit reveals why…

Booker’s Rye ($300)

Rye whiskey will be the next “big thing” to hit our wet bars after the current bourbon boom. Getting ready to meet this demand for America’s original colonial spirit is a limited offering of Booker’s Rye ($300), which hails from some of the final batches crafted by the late Booker Noe, distilled from a previously unreleased, high-yield rye mash bill he had experimented with. The spirit was then aged for 13 years. Following Noe’s signature style, it was bottled unfiltered and uncut, and clocks in at a rollicking 136.2 proof. Only 100 barrels were produced of this rich, spicy powerhouse, so it won’t last long. (


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