The Alta Audio FRM-2 Speakers Redefine the Monitor

Mike Levy, the lead designer for Alta Audio, has been building speakers for almost 35 years. His portfolio includes the company’s roughly 7-foot-tall, $200,000-per-pair Statement floor-standing loudspeakers—and many of that speaker’s technologies have been implemented in the new Alta Audio FRM-2 monitor speakers. Though considerably smaller, and priced at $13,000 per pair, the FRM-2s are packed with audio oomph.

Featuring a 6-inch woofer and Alta’s proprietary ribbon tweeter, the new speakers accurately deliver potent sonic responses from 29 Hz up to 47 kHz. And while the ultrahigh-gloss finish could be worthy of the finest cars at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the beauty it provides is more than skin deep. Using a material that Alta calls DampHard, the speaker’s cabinet isolates the drivers from vibration and their external environment, giving the music reproduced by the FRM-2s a deep, uncanny silence that few speakers this size afford. In short, the FRM-2s redefine the high-performance monitor category. (

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