Compact Home Control

For years, Crestron has been engineering automation products that allow control of an entire home’s light, climate-control, home-entertainment, security, and other systems from a single panel. Seldom, though, has it done so as discreetly and gracefully as with the new Isys TPS-6L Wall Mount Touchpanel. For $2,400 plus installation and programming fees, the TPS-6L provides all of the control functions of Crestron’s larger screens, but it mounts inconspicuously in approximately the same space occupied by three conventional light switches. In addition to providing complete home control, the 5.7-inch screen can display video from security cameras or home- entertainment systems. The look of the screen can be customized as you wish and can even include family photos. Six buttons on each side of the screen may be added for those who are more comfortable with somewhat less modern controls. (800.237.2041,

Brent Butterworth