10 Beautiful & Bizarre Audiophile Loudspeaker Designs

Stereotypical speakers look nothing like these high-priced monoliths of sound and beauty…


The loudspeaker is the key ingredient in the high-fidelity reproduction of sound, and it typically commands the most visual attention of a stereo system. Not every speaker design is the same, but they are essentially driver(s) in a box that are aimed in the direction the listener. At the extreme high end of audio, however, loudspeaker design takes a decidedly different approach. This side of the spectrum is where one is more likely to find obscure elements such as horns, 180-degree drivers, electrostatic diaphragms, and exotic hardwoods or other materials. In an age where it is popular for speakers to be heard but not seen, we believe it is time for these over-the-top loudspeaker designs to be celebrated. While this list of 10 extreme examples is not exhaustive, these speakers—from beautiful to bizarre—represent a diverse array of hi-fi’s most remarkable works of audiophile art.